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Backend workflow doesn't update database

I created a backend workflow to protect the user’s info, In the backend workflow, I create an action to make a change or create a new thing, but when I take a look at the database, the data is not create nor updated.

When a user make a new reservation, he needs to pay for the reservation.
Once the user pays, I create 1- a booking and 2- a transaction summary. (some of the information is redundant but needed).

I was running those two action in the front end, but now I want to run it int he back end.
When I try to create the booking and the transaction summary to save in the database, nothing get’s created.

Would anyone know why that is and how to make it work?
Do I need to create the backend workflows in different folders?
Also, I saw that the second action in the backend workflow is not running (2nd transfer to seller). Is it possible that since this is not running, then the rest of the backend workflow is not running either?

Here’s a screenshot of the backend workflow.

In the screenshot I created a “make change to…” but I also tried to create and it didn’t work either.

Screenshot of front end:

Thank you

Hello @mac.mehani

Look for the Server Logs.

Found the error ! Thank you!

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