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Backend workflow doesn't update live database DB


I feel like I’m missing something very easy - I created Backend Workflows to update my Hotel Database. Meaning everytime the webhook is triggered it should update the Hotel Data.
In the Development Database it’s working fine, every field is updated, works perfect!

So I deployed to Live and tried again. Development Database is updating, Live is not.
What do I have to set to make the Backend Workflows work for the Live Database as well?

I checked the Server Logs in the Live Environment and nothing was logged, why not?

Hope anybody can help me as I - of course - need the changes to be done in the live database.

Thanks in advance!

Did you update the call to your live backend workflow?

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:
What do you mean by that? What do I have to update?
I clicked “Deploy to live” - do I have to do anything else? Is the webhook link a different one for live?

Aaaahh, found it - as this is the webhook link:

I have to delete version-test out of the link.
So I added this link and it was working:

thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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