Live API endpoints are not updating my data

So my basic application works like this:

  • it listens for a webhook
  • data is stored in the database
  • data is displayed on page load

It works perfectly on development. But after pushing it live, it seems like the endpoint doesn’t act like it should. It doesn’t store information.

I did update the endpoint to the new live version as well. I’m wondering if i missed any other settings when deploying an application for the first time which would cause this to fail?

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what did you do to the url for the live version?

I switched the Dev url to the Live url on the website that sends the webhook to the bubble app

I also updated the live database to be a replica of the dev one, it’s 1:1 . but i didn’t make changes beyond that, i’m wondering if i maybe missed a step. I never had an initialize url for the live url

In case someone else runs into this, I figured it out.

When i switched to the live url, i went with the root parameter found in the API tab: https://appname/api/1.1/wf/

it was missing the workflow name: