Backend workflow for deleting unattached files

I added Clearbit logo plugin and it works fine. The problem is everytime the page loads it saves the file of all the logos. I tried running a backend workflow but since its not attached to any data type I can’t run it.
Can someone suggest how can a backed workflow to delete these files? All the file names have a common name: [Domain].

Are they stored in your database or just in the file manager?

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Just in the file manager. Around 6000 in number so manually deleting is painful.

do the URLs contain the word Domain?

It might be possible to do a :contains Domain for specifying the URL…I have no idea though

I think deleting from the file manager using workflows only is possible when it is stored in the DB or attached to a thing

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These images do have ‘domain’ in the file name. I tried it but I am new to back end workflow so not sure if I am not doing it right or it doesn’t work. I am not even sure how to trigger the workflow at it requires a specific datatype in the trigger.

Thanks for responding btw😀 I know it’s a tough one.

I don’t really think this is possible.

Give support an email…maybe hearing from another user about the lack of features in file manager will help spur on some improvements.

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I plan to do that but just wanted to be sure before reaching out.