Backend Workflow to access File Manager/Storage

I would like to be able to schedule a recurring workflow like this: (or similar)

Do every 6 months (or whatever)
Delete a list of files:

* Do a search for: File Manager
* User_Id = (user)
* Created date <= (date/time)

I don’t mind paying $10 for +10GB of storage. However I would not want a situation where I pay for 1000GB of storage, when only 350GB are actually of any use (the remaining GB being relics of old now-irrelevant items).

I realize I can attach files to a “thing” (making the file private), but that is not ideal in all situations.
A) This requires a relational data structure that can be very difficult to reference (to delete a file). Especially if the attached thing has more than 1 file; then your really in a situation, because you can only delete one file at a time…
B) for some reason private image files,render horizontally if they are very large (this does not happen, under the same conditions, if the private checkbox is empty).

Even if this feature is only available for professional plans or dedicated instances.
Knowing that this feature is available would be very comforting.
Assuming best case scenarios, where people have 100,000s of files - its a horrific notion to think that files can only be deleted 1 by 1…

PS: For anyone who has the patience and skill set - an upgraded dropzone.js plugin would be really nice… :grin:
I think there are many people (including myself) who are using the multi-file uploader for images exclusively, and dropzone works well with all browsers, including mobile

The default multi-file uploader is pretty good. However, you can not specify parameters like maximum-file-size or file type. (which dropzone does allow).

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I would also support this request. Any information would be very helpful.

Which request are you supporting? I think I packed too much in that forum post.

Your wanting to clean your file manager?

  • regarding the files, that was just poor planning on my part haha. I had lots of “orphan files” that I did not have a database record to relate to. It is important to design a logic to keep track of your files, right from the beginning. There is some good information on the forum already suggesting different file organization practices (you may need to familiarize yourself with “backend workflows”)

If you have a 100-1000+~ orphan files, you may just have to delete them one by one over the course of a few stretched out days.

Or you wish to limit files by type?

  • in that case I agree, that would be very convenient. However that issue can also be resolved. The best way that I can currently think of is to run a workflow on each file URL, and ensure that the last 4 characters = jpeg, .jpg , .png (or something like that).

There are some plugins Such as BDK utilities and List Shifter, that can achieve something like that. (To run on a list of file URLs). Although you can also use the “backend workflows” for that too.

You could also use some plugins to extract MIME type, but unfortunately I didn’t find a way to run it on a list of files (it works great if your dealing with just one file).

This seems like an essential feature and would be in Bubble’s best interest as well to free up storage space. I want to run a recurring workflow to clear out File Manager data every 24 hours. I’d be interested to see what Bubble’s tech team says about this seeing as though it’s been a couple years since the thread was created.