Backend workflow setup help

Hi, all!

I’m new to Bubble, but have some experience with similar no-code platforms (no dev background & limited experience with APIs).
I am setting up 2 apps: one admin app for myself and the other a client facing app.

I need to create a workflow that can accomplish the following:

  1. button in a table is pressed in admin app
  2. a unique link is created and saved to the database for the associated thing (client) of current table cell
  3. link is sent to associated client
  4. when client clicks the link, client app is opened and this specific client’s details are displayed on the page

I have downloaded the Bubble App Connector plugin - however, I am getting hung up on how to make the current user of the client app the associated client that clicked the link. I would like for the login process to happen automatically when the link is clicked (similar to Magic links).

Could someone help me breakdown how to sign a user into app B using the link created with app A?

I’m happy to provide any additional details/explanations as needed.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @taylorj
when any button is clicked start the workflow-> send a magic link

Then fill the info but check the box “Just create the link don’t send email”

Then you can save the link to database by “Result of Step1 link”

Thank you so much for your response - I didn’t even realize this was a workflow action!

One more question - will this work the same way since the magic link will be opening a different app using info from the current app’s database?

Well i am not sure about this, you can give a try :+1:

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