New User :) Please help with back end

Hi All! I’m a super rookie so you’ll probably be hearing from me a lot, but I highly appreciate your help.

I’m trying to link a dropdown menu in my ‘Sign Up’ pop up window and link what user chooses from the dropdown menu into the database. Every time I sign up a user and the user chooses from the drop down menu, it does not show up on the backend.

Please see screenshots attached. Would love to hear your feedback!

Kind Regards,

Hey Alan,

Your dropdown ‘things’ are texts, so you need to setup a text field on your user data thing, let’s say you call it ‘role’.

In the workflows tab, on the properties window for your sign up user action, click the button to change another field, select your role field, and assign to it your dropdown’s value.

You’ll wanna uncheck allow autobinding on parent elements thing though - it doesn’t make sense for this setup.

Honestly, if you’re really fresh to bubble, I made a tutorial last year that might help you. It explains the fundamental concepts, which should be helpful to your database understanding.

Thank you so much Matt! Just it now and it works smooth. I’ll check your video out as well.

Oh wait, I’ve watched both of your videos already actually! “Bobby Frankenstein” cracked me up :smile: