Backend workflow that runs when date in thing is in the past

I have a field that’s called ‘deadline’. It’s a certain date/time. I need a backend workflow to run once that date has passed and change the thing. Can’t figure out how to do that.

Also, do I need a paid plan to have this running? I’m currently building on free to make sure I can do everything I need to before paying.

Appreciate any help here.


You can run a backend worfklow on a date you want. Just pick the scheduled date as “deadline”.

And yes. You need a paid plan to run a backend workflow :v:

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Thanks! Yours is going to run just once, correct? The date is dynamic actually. It’s creation date of the thing + 24 hours so it’s a bit more complicated than that

Well then that’s your schedule date (not complicated at all)


Sorry if I’m missing something but what’s the trigger supposed to be here?

Mine is won’t work right now. It’s just an example. You can give dynamic data to Scheduled Date field.

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You need to create a API Workflow on backend. After that, you need to trigger that API WF from client side with “Schedule API Worflow”. At that point, you need to give a time(Scheduled Date) to that API WF.

After this workflow runs, you can see the related wf from Logs → Scheduler

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