Where can I find "Current date/time"?

Please where can I find “Current date time”?

I want to schedule a backend workflow to run after 5 days of a data value changing.


You can get Current Date/time from the dynamic expression menu, pretty much wherever you are in your app… it’s one of the main datasources… so just open the expression builder and scroll to the bottom (or type ‘current date’) and you’ll see it…


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Hi Adam,

That the screenshot above appears to be from the Bubble designer.

I mean where to find it in workflows.

I want to schedule the workflow to run 5 days after a data value changes.

It’s in the same place no matter where you are:

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Here’s their other thread for a tiny bit more context

@Buddha You need to make a backend workflow (lets call it Workflow B) that changes the user’s plan to Expired.

But when the user signs up you need one of your actions to be Schedule an API workflow and you would pick your Workflow B, but the “Scheduled date” you pick is Current date/time + days: 5


Hi Adam,

  1. Is API workflow the same as backend workflow?

  2. When I try to create an API workflow, here’s what I see…

(I am not trying to make an (external) API call. Just want to run a backend workflow inside Bubble)

Yes, API workflow is the same as Backend workflow…

Once you’ve created the workflow, you’ll need to schedule it from somewhere (either another backend workflow, or a front-end workflow) by using the ‘Schedule API Workflow’ action.

In that action (which is what my previous screenshot was), you’ll need to define the date/time you want it to run, which in your case will be the Current Date/Time plus 5 days.

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