File manager delete multiple uploaded files

Hello everyone,

How is it possible to delete multiple uploaded files in the file manager? Currently, I don’t save the file URL in a Thing and the file is also not attached to a Thing. Therefore, an API workflow is probably not a solution in my case :frowning:

In the file manager it should be possible selecting multiple files and delete them at all.

Thank you for any advice.


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Yeah unfortunately if the file is not attached to a thing in your data types, then you will have to go into the ‘File Manager’ under ‘Data’ to see what files need deleting there and manually go through them one by one.

I’ve mentioned this a few times, but it would certainly be handy if there was a checkbox to each item/file for multi-deleting on the list.

See more details here:


Thanks for the prompt reply. That’s quite bad for me. Hopefully bubble will add such a feature in the file manager as soon as possible.

Yes would defo be a welcome addition.

I’m tempted to post as a ‘Idea’ on the forum as I don’t think it exists as a standalone requested Idea. Will do shortly as there is a need for it.

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Thanks luke2, very appreciated.

No trouble - just posted as idea :crossed_fingers:

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I don’t really want to say anything it’s just trying to find my jaw… it dropped too low :(((( huh Isn’t things supposed to be easier with bubble? I don’t want to click over 2000 times to delete things. A bulk delete option supposed to be a basic option or is it just me who thinks that?

Yeah it’s a simple enough function you’d expect built-in by now.

I’ve added this to the new Bubble idea board and hopefully it gets picked up in due time. For now, just be cautious of adding files through the editor and be sure to attach any files to a data object to then control via workflows…

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Hi @Bubble

I have 1,500 files in my database, approx 1 GB worth of ‘useless’ files. I guess it’s not good for both of us keeping it stored.

Please add a bulk-delete function so we can contribute towards keeping our work environment clean :wink:

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+1 here… this is pretty important especially with the new Figma import function. A lot of the objects were detected as images and I now have 3000 files, most of which won’t be used


+1 I used the ClearBit Logo Plugin without realising that every call stores the logo into the database. Now there are 1200 files in my database that are not associated to any thing and I certainly do not want to click 1200 times to delete those. How can I bulk delete files that are not associated to things?

Edit: I solved it creating a selenium test, while better than clicking 1.000 times, still a relatively cumbersome workaround.

Could you please explain this or provide some additional reference? I have a feeling I will be dealing with file management issues as I begin to scale up, and I’d like to get a head start on any potential issues down the road. Thanks!

oh ok,’ so i’m guessing that using selenium, you basically created a web macro that deleted the files? interesting…

Alright, so I’m glad I caught this before having 1000s of files to deal with. Lesson of the story is : make sure to attach every file uploaded using the file uploader to something or , what I’m thinking of, is to create a Files object, with list files or list text of files and store every url so the “Delete an uploaded file” action can be used.