Backend workflow to increase number each time runs

Hello everyone…

I’m doing a backend workflow to insert some files in the database.
Apart from uploading the files and inserting them into the database, I want to fill another field along with each file (order field).

Should be like this…

My problem is that the order number is filled always with the number 2 (in the screenshot I had edited them manually)

Here is my backend workflow:


And here is the scheduled workflow when the user clicks the button:

I guess that the workflow is not a loop and runs over each time the file is uploaded and the order number stays always 2.

My question is how to increase the Order each time the file is uploaded.

Thanks, guys

Use a recursive workflow instead.

I don’t know how to do that while uploading files.
I have seen some YouTube tutorials but I believe it does not apply to my case.

Can you provide an example how to do while uploading files?


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