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Backend workflow to return a list of things

Hi Bubblers,

I would really appreciate some hint on this problem I am working on.
I need to make something known as a function in programming languages, i.e.
need to receive some in parameters (few list of things)…in function need to do some looping on those in parameters, and have a result new list of things, which I need as a source of my RG in the front end…
Any hints how to do this?
As I need some IN parameters (some lists and some single values), and do some looping, I guess I need to do that in the backend workflow, with API loop. But how do I get result (my source for RG in the front end) back to the front end?
Any hint is very much appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

Hello @zhadz

You can do loops via backend or front end. Api workflows or list-shifter plugin respectively.

In both cases to show up in the frontend search for the transformed items using a repeating group

Hi @cmarchan ,
thanks for replying.
I prefer using the backend (I have some issue with the list shifter refreshing time).
When I do API in the backend, how do call/pass the result in the frontend, if I am not saving it in the DB?
I have a RG at the frontend, but what do I choose as a source for the RG? Do I need to use the plugin API connector to pass the result into the frontend or there is some other way?
Thanks a lot for helping!!!


Set a field to change after it has gone through the loop and search for it. It will show up in the frontend once the search constraint is met.

Hi @cmarchan ,
thanks for trying for help.
I guess once it is done it is clear, or due to my un-experience in Bubble, I can not figure out your instructions.
I would really appreciate (of course if you have time and patience) little bit more explanation or some screen shots of example, if you have some…if not, fully understand…
thanks again…

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