Backend workflows and webhooks


I have 2 questions.

  1. Where can I see what and when an API endpoint whas activaded?

  2. I have a webhook setup from stripe and bubble. When a user suscibes to a thing, I´ve created a webhook (payment success) that activates a backend workflow to make changes to a user to “payed=yes” and to send the user an email. The suscription goes okay in my Stripe Dashboard, the “make changes to user” also goes smoothly, but the email to the user, is never sent. Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

  1. Have you checked the logs to see if the endpoint activity appears there?

  2. If your database is being updated, it could be as simple as the email going to junk or perhaps the email address field is not picking up the user’s valid email. Try adding your own email address to the “cc:” or “bcc:” field in that workflow action and see if you are receiving a copy of the email.

Maybe post screenshots or a link to make it easier to help you. :slight_smile:

Yes, but I don´t know where can I see exactly the backend worflows, I can only see like all the actions for all the buttons I´ve clicked. Not the automatic backend workflows.

The email is not going to junk, it is simply not arriving. Many times the “make changes to user” action is not even triggered.

Here are some screenshots for the automatic invoice.payment.succeded from Stripe. That in my Stripe dashboard, these are succesful webhooks

Step 1 is making changes to the user that sometimes and sometimes it does not.

Step 2 is to send email to notify the user that the suscription was succesful, I´ve tried “Current User´s email” and “Result of step 1 user´s email” and it does not work.

I don´t know really much about webhooks, but in all the attemps for subscribing a user are of 100% success.

Thanks for helping :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

For the logs, perhaps you can refer to the bubble manual to see where they would appear. Essentially the Logs tab of your application should be where you can see all activity. I am not sure if it includes backend workflows as the ones in your case.

I didn’t see any Stripe screenshots in your reply. Another thing I would suggest is to look at the logs inside your Stripe dashboard to see if there are any errors. Be sure to uncheck all filters when looking at the Stripe logs as sometimes they show log entries with default filters.

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