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Endpoint and webhook explanation / course


I have created some stripe plans and I want to use stripe events such as invoice paid or invoice period start …, to :

  • send invoice per email and add a new invoice on a payment page
  • control the payment and identify if there is any failing payment

I found interesting information here : API Endpoint - Use Stripe Webhooks
BUT, I don’t know anything about the endpoints and webhooks (yet :wink:).
Has anyone a link to a course, an App or something else explaning the endpoint and webhook concept on bubble ?
Or more simply, ideas on how to manage the 2 items listed above.

Thank you,


An endpoint is just the “full” web address that you need to use to do something via an API. … is the endpoint for doing a GET on the User table (for example), there are then endpoints for every datatype you have exposed. … is the endpoint for the API workflow in Bubble called triggersomething.

A webhook is a special usage of an Endpoint. It is a way of linking two application’s events together.

So basically you are saying to Application A … “When this thing happens … do a call to this application with an endpoint here”.

For example, if a payment fails (at any time in the future) then call an Endpoint with some data that allows you do processing in Bubble to handle that failure. Instead of something “waiting” for an event to happen by constantly checking … you ask the other application to tell you when it occurs.


Thank you Nigel for those information.
Here is what I just have done and will try right now.

And the email setting :

It doesn’t work :frowning: I have 1 pending webhook.

First issue : I have selected “LIVE” instead of “TEST”
By using “TEST”, I have this report :

Can anyone help ?
Thank you :wink:

Finally I got it, by adding the key from
and removing the condition :

Then it worked, thank you guys !

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Can anyone tell me how I can get the amount and currency (in Yellow) from this Stripe webhook into my endpoint ?

I guess I need to set a new parameter in the endpoint but i tried without success
Can anyone help ?

Thank you