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Backend workflows not accessible all of a sudden

Is anyone else experiencing that when you click on backend Wokflows, you get to the workflows of the current page as opposed to the actual BEWFs? This just started happening.

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I am noticing the same issue. Also experiencing some glitchiness when trying to change settings on an element. No matter which element I click, it shows the same settings as the previous element until I refresh the page. Guessing there is a temporary issue going on.

Yes. Have same issue. Or WF doens’t load at all

Hello! I am reporting to the forums. Not only am I having this issue but I am having a issue where I can’t even change the element anything. For example, I click on a button. It shows the element bot for it then I click on a group to change things and it changes the button not the group. I am not sure if it was just me. But any help would help, the only thing that is fixing it right now is refreshing everytime.

My workflows are not triggering. When I click on profile a popup needs to appear but nothing happens. Its happening from last 15min or so

Do we all need to fill a bug report or you are looking into this issue already?

I’d say no. I am sure they are on it already, I refreshed the bug section to find LOTS of people making reports on the same thing.

Yup. GroupFocus are not working either. Something weird is going on… :confused:

We had a deploy that broke some stuff that just got rolled back. Still seeing issues?

As of less than 30 secs ago. It was still doing the same thing. I will let you know in about 2 minutes. Thanks for the assistance!

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Please keep us posted – if this is persisting, we could use a bug report!

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Nope! We are all good. Again thank you for letting us know everything is back up! Everything seems to be working! Thanks.

~ Leeland

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Thanks for flagging, all! Happy to hear that you’re back up. :slight_smile:

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looks like we’re back up, thank you for the prompt response.

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