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Workflow not responding

I think several people already expressed this issue and Bubble said that it’s been solved but that’s not the case for me.

Every time I try to use the workflow, the elements there just won’t respond to my clicks. Sometimes, no element (except undo) will respond. Sometimes only the square boxes will respond but sub-elements don’t respond. I have to refresh the page like 3,4 times to get it working again.

Is anyone still having the same issue? Hope this gets fixed - it’s been bothering me for a week or more now.

Yep, I’ve got this issue too. Thought about making a video to submit to the Bubble team.

Trying to click on a workflow action to open it up, doesn’t respond. Only method to fix is to go to the Styles tab and then back to the workflow and try again which is usually works. But it’s definitely painful and annoying.

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