Backend Workflows slow with plugins 🔴

Before submitting a bug report, I’d like to know if you’ve noticed an increase in plugin execution time in backend workflows in the last few days? This is worth checking out.

example with Regex plugin (same with WAIT plugin, and others).
It’s normally take 200ms to execute, not 12 sec. @bubble ?

right now check (11 seconds):

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.36.52 AM

More details:

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I have very strange behaviour from Bubble today (very slow) and unstable … guess something is wrong with the service

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Great… but do we need two threads about it? That ain’t gonna get it fixed any faster. :wink:


My editor was realllly slow yesterday, I thought it might have been my internet connection or something but looks like perhaps it wasn’t something my end causing it :thinking:

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