Very slow and poor performance from Plugin Builder

Anyone else seeing similar issues?

Having very slow response times as I work on plugins. Editor freezes for 2-3 seconds every couple of changes. Feels like the API connector from a few weeks back.


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It has been like that for a few years already… unfortunately.

I’ve worked in the plugin editor for the last 2 years and never been this bad. Entire editor freezing regularly. Any other pages/tabs working as expected.

Its a disaster for editor and main app too

@emmanuel @josh can you tell us what is going on?

Kylie here from Bubble’s Tier 2 Support team. Can I ask you to submit a bug report here – Support | Bubble. We’d be happy to take a closer look and investigate this promptly.

I know this is likely not going to fix your issue, but could it be some sort of extension or particular browser you’re using?

I am using the editor basically 24/7 and it’s not slow for me at all. As @vini_brito has stated, it’s been like that for a while.

My temporary fix is usually just refreshing the pages (even the ones that are running bubble apps as they all have memory leaks).

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Thanks for everyone’s response here.

Not 100% conclusive, but had forgotten I’d switched back on the backend workflows error checker. This seems to be the culprit.

Still pretty wild that we don’t have a reliable backend workflow error checker, considering how impactful issues here can be…

Thanks all for your help!

Unfortunately editor performance / reliability has only started to get addressed recently. However, disabling the backend issue checker does help it slightly…

The only way to manage this issue over the long term is to break up your app into several reusable elements. For instance, my dashboard page is broken up into roughly 10 parts. Before I broke it up, it was unmanageable.