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Backendless & Bubble

Has anyone used backendless as their database, yet? I have been playing around with it for an app that I am working on, but wondered about registering and authenticating users through backendless because I want users to have a relationship to another table that I am creating in backendless. Has anyone used backendless to register and authenticate users? I have it set up to register a user, but it appears that when I use backendless that I lose some of the built in features of bubble - such as the ‘current user’ options.

What I am really trying to figure out at the moment is how to have user data stored in backendless and then have access to a password protected page on bubble. Normally, I would handle this with a workflow that uses ‘when user is logged in’/‘when user is logged out’ and then redirect them to another page in the app if they are not logged in, but I am struggling to figure out how to do that when my user is logged in with backendless since that is now no longer a ‘user’ in bubble.

It might be terribly simple, but this is the first time that I am toying around with users in an external database instead of inside of bubble.

Alternatively, is there a way (or is it good practice) to have a table in backendless that a user in bubble can be linked to in some way. For instance, if my user was registered and authenticated through bubble, but I wanted my user to have a relationship with a table in backendless - would that be possible? Doesn’t seem too logical to me, but thought it might be an option to allow me to keep the functionality of users in bubble.

I’d love to see if someone else has used backendless completely - even for users and learn about how you did it. Thanks!


Have you figured it out yet? One year later and I sit in the same chair. :frowning:

It all depends on your requirements. When you simply want a link between the user in Bubble and the tablerows in Backendless(f.i. accessible through an API), a field userid with the unique Bubble Userid in the tables in Backendless will suffice. Add a parameter user id to the API’s, fill it with current users unique ID and you can use it to add and retrieve rows for that user.

If you have additional requirements which require you to register users in Backendless, other options are possible, f.i. check The Perfect Backend And Database For A Bubble App | Backendless

Note: ID’s are normally for internal use only. As an alternative, add an extra field uuid to the user data type on the Bubble side, at creation of a new user, use one of the UUID generator plugin to fill the field and use this for the relation with the data on the Backendless side.