Storing Data on the back end

Hi all,

What I am looking to do is set up an app that all customers/users details like addresses are stored on the Data base for future business. IE, Customer signs to app and gets monthly “presents” in the post.

If a customer calls up, I would love to be able to search their name and all details that they entered at initial sign up would be easy to access?

What’s your question here? Everything you outlined is basically built-in functionality of Bubble, which is good news! Are you looking for someone to build it for you? Are you looking for tutorials? From your post, I’m not sure how best to help.

Hey @potentialthings. Yeah I figured out how to retrieve their info such as email when they sign in (i needed to switch to Live mode)

The way my workflow is that when they enter their email and password and click sign in - It navigates them to an application form where here they will put address/phone number/profile pic/Date of birth etc. Also on this is where they choose their monthly package that they wish they go on?

What do I need to put in each input for this to appear in the back end of the app for me to view?

Also, the users will be able to upload photos in the app on a weekly basis. How will I view these photos?

As my main concept of the app is to use these photos to give the users back something in return?(can’t go into much detail)

Do I need to click “Run as ‘user’” to do this?