External Database - Backendless or SQL

I am developing a new web application and I would like to have my database outside of Bubble for scalability and security reasons, I have consulted some options on how to do it, the first is to have an external database in SQL and connect it with the Bubble SQL connector, the second option is backendless and connect it with bubble using an API. I want to know if any of you have used any of these options or another and how feasible you see each of these options with respect to scalability.


@operations2 your only option for what you say is having a custom api to GET and POST. Way to complex and consuming, I’d suggest to stick with bubbles database and if it gets too limitied go with Box integration. You get realtime updating and I’m sure they can exapnd if you contact support (Box also has a custom service)

Good luck!

For legal reasons, I had to check the same options. I decided to go the Xano route. Figured that the main reason we decided to create on bubble at first was because we didn’t want to have to manage instances (dB, server, etc…)

The nocode solutions of xano and the support they offer is really impressive. Would have liked to be able to stay on bubble 100%… But having an instance in Canada (data policies) is out of our range price wise.

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Xano is your best bet when you want/need to take your data off bubble for any reason.

Not worth the cost at all imo

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