Bank wire transfer plugin

On my app, it is a 2 sided marketplace, on one side users can create an account with Stripe to get paid out (these are the taskers), but on the other side, they do not (homeowners/consumers).
I want the homeowners to get paid after referring someone, I didn’t know if there was an easy way I could pay them using a plugin, or something like that from my bank, and just wire everyone who completes the referral process.

You could do it manually if you want… but Stripe supports (and generally requires?) bank transfer payouts, so you could also set up a transfer from your platform Connect account to the Connected account.

I could do it manually, when the consumer signs up they dont have to use stripe or interact with it at all, when they pay they fill out their CC info and that information is charged through stripe. I want the process to be as simple/ convenient as possible to make their experience. I just didnt know if there was a better way.

You can make a batch payment using a CSV on Wise.