Stripe - Collect all money in Stripe & Pay out later

Hi all,

An app I’m building consists of a Student and an Artist.

When a Student books a call, the money should be held in my Stripe account. Then, every week, for example, a portion of the student’s spending has to go to the Artist.

I figured out how to register a user as a seller, but I’m struggling with keeping the money in Stripe as a fund to be paid out to an artist later.

Anyone that can shine some light on this setup? Thanks!

Just take all the initial payment (i.e. don’t transfer any to the connected account), then make a manual transfer at a later point.

Hi @adamhholmes - so just a simple action that charges the current user? Unfortunately the manual payment is not really an option here as the client wants to be able to change the payment interval from a bubble dashboard - through Backend workflows I want to pay them out automatically.

Yeah, by manual, I didn’t literally mean ‘manually’…

I just meant as opposed to automatically transferring the funds at the point of sale.

So creating your own workflows to make the transfer to the connected account from your own balance, separately from the initial charge, as and when it needs to happen in your app.

Would that be a normal workflow or a back end one? I’m trying to do exactly this but am completely stuck on how to no-code it

It could be either, depending on exactly what you’re trying do to, and how you want to do it.

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Basically, when a customer makes a booking, he pays the total price. Then I want to keep the money and make the transfer to the seller only on the booking date (which I have in my database).

Let’s say we are on March 15 and a user makes a booking for March 25. Then he will pay the total amount let’s say 100€ to me, and on March 25 I will send the 90€ (minus 10€ commission) to the seller.

I get the payment thing, set up the Stripe workflows and it works correctly, I’m only missing the last part of setting up the date at which to send the money to the seller. I want to do so in case there are refunds needed so that I don’t have to get the money from the seller again and can do it directly on my side.

Let me know if it’s not clear enough, and thank you again for your feedback!!

In that case you just need to schedule a backend workflow to run on the desired date/time.

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Maybe something like everyday it should run and check if there is a booking date that was the day N-1 and if yes send the money to the seller of this booking right? Would that work like this?

You could do that I guess…

Personally I’d just schedule it to run at the time you want the transfer to be made (especially if you’re worried about refunds etc.)

But there are multiple ways to do things, depending on what exactly you want to do.

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Thank you for your feedback!! I scheduled a back end API to run at a specific date (will put the screenshots below in case someone else is looking for the solution).

Thank you again!