Make payment to a user

Hello All,

I am looking at the best wat to pay a user from my application.

The user uploads their invoice and we have their bank account number and sort code. I would like to be able to click a button and the payment is made to that user.

Does anyone know of a system/plugin?

I see that strip has playouts but i don’t really understand if the user receiving the money also has to be registered with stripe.

Thank you in advance

yeah if you use stripe connect they will have to go through an onboarding form

If you go with bank transfers and stuff, that will be a lot more effort to set up, and security would be a larger concern

Export to a csv that is compatible with Wise. You can also create an api integration with Wise to automate the process.

Send Batch Payments - Wise.

Use the integrated plugin “Stripe” and run a workflow “charge the current user”.
then use a backend workflow to handle the api results.
hope that helps.