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Best barcode scanner plugin

Hi all,

i’m looking for recommendations for a barcode scanner for my app. I am currently using the plugin “barcode scanner”, which is free, but it is not reading the barcodes very consistently. I can scan the same barcode 3 times in a row and it gives me different results.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable barcode scanner? II am happy to pay for it if the plugin is known to work well in a mobile app.



Hello @tom3 ,

QR Code Scanner free plugin by Stuart B seems to be working just fine with on iOS, it opens the camera and scans. You can’t test on Previewer to double check your workflow.


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Thanks for the reply.

I have been using “barcode scanner” by the same guy, that’s the one i’m having trouble with. I’ll look into this QR based version instead and see if it’s any more reliable!


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Hi Sam,

Will it work fine on Android as well ?

I am using this plugin and it doesn(t work on the previewer. It is a core feature for my product so I need to know it can be done before converting my app with nativator.


I’m using that QR scanner plugin by Stuart B and it’s working fine on Android.

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Thanks for the answer.

Just to be sure, it works fine after the conversion on Android or does it also wprk for you in the previewer ?

Many thanks for your help