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Basic Algorithm in Bubble

How can we create a simple algorithm where we have two users, each of whom has a direct link to an extended data table where we have a text field (list of three keywords). How can we filter matched users for a single user with three common keywords?

Thanks! Looking forward to revealing some information about algorithms at Bubble!

For anyone trying to help on this one, it couldn’t hurt to check out OP’s other recent thread on this topic for context.

Good luck, Toni!


Yes! Thanks @mikeloc!

Furthermore, I have taken a photo of current Logic when it triggers a workflow:

Logic works like a charm, but only when all three values are not empty, for example “keyword3”, “user type”, and full name", where the search outcome is quite good. I’m wondering here how to make the search still functional if we have one or two values that are not empty and one that is, for example, “full name,” which is empty.


It seems that for the basic algorithm to work, make sure to check “Ignore empty constraints”.

Still, this thread is open to seek a solution for how the user can combine up to three keywords for the search (where there is no rg_channels’s word_algorithm, to be a list of words (max 3 words).

Thanks! Looking forward to digging here with you!