My so called algorithm

Hey guys, I’m new to bubble so I’m looking for help. I’m building an app and I want to create an algorithm that can search for users and pair them using data derived from the users. I am confused on how to achieve this task with bubble.

Hi @reziabanks - can you give a more concrete example of what you mean by “data derived from the users”?

The derived data is just a set of data selected by the user.
The data is information about the user, like height, country etc.
The user provides the data through some input fields and dropdown menu.

We may need more details on what you’re trying to accomplish. Is this like a dating site that matches people based on interests/locations? If so, you may need a “Matches” field on your User table or another table that has two User fields.

You mean something like this?

If so, then you only have to create those fields on the User table.

As for the workflow to search and pair them. More than likely, you’ll need to build that in the “API workflows” part of Bubble – which requires a paid plan.


Thanks for your response.
Yes what i’m working on is a dating app.
I created a table that has two user fields but i wasn’t able to figure out how the search and pairing will workout. I tried a normal workflow but i was getting multiple results which wasn’t good.

I have looked at the API workflow but don’t really understand it. can you explain it a little bit

You may benefit from taking some of @romanmg’s courses or coaching sessions.

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