Looking for how-to to create matching algorithm - match one user by user’s data (data from profile) with another user from a defined pool of users

As the title suggests, I’m looking for a how-to on how to build a matching algorithm that would match one user with another user from a pre-defined pool of users (for example, matching a user/client with an architect amongst a pool of architects) based on said user’s profile data (metadata like spoken languages, location, preferences, has this or that certification, etc) and the other users’ attributes. I’d need the algorithm to be able to able to match them together in real time and have set outcomes that I can pre-define.

If anyone has a tutorial video that they can link to or any steps that they can provide, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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Hello, thank’s for your post, I am looking for the same process. Did you find something to do that ?

Do a repeating group with search for and add constraints with only show the posts to other users who match the same (location/ etc from your database)

How to do this ? intressting…

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You need a ML algo. Can’t do this with Bubble alone.