Basic Issues with Do a Search for

Hi all,

i am a noob and trying to figure out how to use the do a search function properly to display the select single data piece on a page out of a list and not the whole list itself.

so i have two data types:

-first one is the user data type itself which the user enters when registering on the app
-the second one is a data type “customer_form” where the user enters much more info at a later stage on what their company’s situation is. All these data fields in “customer_form” are of the type “yes / no”, except the customer_user which is linked to the user type

now on the user profile page i want to show data from both (so the users themselves but also from customer_form), so the user has good overview of what kind of data we have collected from them in aggreagate.

now what i want is that

  1. all the customer forms are browsed (which is why ive used search for customer forms)
  2. only the customer form of the current user is found (which is why i use the constraint) only displays the field which says whether the customers has 500+ employees or not (which is why i selected to show each items 500+ employees)

the output is unfortunately a list of all the yes, nos or empty cells in the customer_forms database of ALL users not just the current one


i understand that by clicking “each items 500+ employees” i effectively pull up that field for all customer forms (so essentially a list), but i thought having the constraint is exactly how i can pinpoint to the one specific cell

would appreciate any kind of help on how to properly do a search. Many thanks for any effort!!

OK, I got it, you can do it two ways, either you add another constraint inside the search which says the 500+ field is not empty. this will return all the forms of the current user in which the 500+ is not empty. ( This is the best approach )

2ndly method would be, as you did the :Do Search add a :filter on it, and inside it give it a constraint of 500+, this will filter out the form and only show which have 500+.

On the 2nd approach, you also have all the form on user side, weather they have 500+ or not.

On 1st approach, you user gets only the form that has 500+ because of that constraint you added in :do Search bubble do all the work on the backend, and send the data that matches your request. that is why the 1st approach is better.

How this will help you, if i missed what you asking ping me.