Data Search using a Custom Data Type


I am trying to do a simple search of the User data type, where I added a new field called “Baseball Team” with a custom data type I created called “Baseball Team”.

In the data type Baseball Team there are names of baseball teams. So a user can be part of one baseball team.

So now I want to do a data search for all users on a specific baseball team, but the name of the baseball team is in the Baseball Team data type (and not the User data type).

I try to do a search on the User datatype by adding a search constraint using the Baseball Team field. But since the Baseball Team field is a Baseball Team custom data type… I am not sure how to do this

Any ideas?

thank you very much :slight_smile:

I figured out how to do it and will document it for other people

I ended up just doing a search of Users, added a constraint where the Baseball Team = (a do search of Baseball Teams, added a constraint where Baseball Team Name = Dodgers) and added :firstitem to the Baseball Teams search constraint

and that worked !!!

The key thing is that " :firstitem " must be added to the constraint or it won’t work


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