Basic question: How to move/rename pages in the Bubble editor?

As my site’s pages accumulate, I want to organize them better in the page editor. At the moment, they seem to be listed by creation order. I don’t seem to be able to move pages, or rename them. I can’t find anything in the Reference as to how to do this–can somebody enlighten me?

double click on the page element in the editor (so you get to edit the properties of the page, just like any other element.)

In the top of that window you change the name of the page (basically the name of the element) and then there is also the display name you can change.


Great–thank you! Is it possible to drag pages in the editor? If not, then renaming pages would probably be the best way to organize them, right?

nope, no way to do that.

but do you really need so many pages? usually the preferred method is to have fewer pages and more groups per page.

Well, I need about 20 separate pages for legal stuff, forms, and other odds and ends. But renaming will work for organization purposes. Thanks for the reply (two minutes after posting)!

No problem. But just keep in mind there is another option other than pages. it requires maybe a bit of a shift in thinking but you can have 20 groups on one page and control which group (see them as pages inside the actual page) is shown while the others are hidden with simple custom states.

The number one advantage is: speed. Navigating from page a to b takes quite some time and if you need to navigate 20 pages this becomes an issue very quickly.

I know this is not why you created the topic, but maybe have a look at it.


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