Batch generate pdfs in the background as recurring or recursive workflow

Hey, is it possible to have a recurring workflow that will generate a pdf with data from a set of users? (i.e. without a user clicking a ‘generate pdf’ button or some other kind of intervention)

Use-case: Prograds is a graduate student progress app. My customers want some kind of ‘hard copy’ record and it is appealing to have this auto-generated monthly for every student user and then available from the student’s record page. This is like the pdf bank statements your bank generates. You can go back in time and download that month’s pdf statement.

Either PDF Conjurer plugin (free) or a paid external PDF generation service.

PDF Conjurer didn’t do what I was looking for and I went with CloudConvert as the external service, pretty cheap but takes some set up. My use-case was the same deal as yours, I needed reported generated in the background independent from Users actually interacting with anything. I have it refill credits whenever they get low, it comes out to $0.018 per PDF for my low volume usage I think it can go even lower if you do their subscription or higher credit refills

Thanks @tylerboodman. I’ll look at that. I think I’m not going to be allowed to use a 3rd party service like that with the student data I’ve got.

…good point…I guess still check into the legality of using an external service, I know they brag a lot about keeping your data private and all of that…

Security | CloudConvert.

I swear I’m not cloudconvert sponsored I just know their service works pretty good for me :laughing: