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I’m looking at using this for creating templates of reports. Has anyone used this service? I need to create some pretty specific reports and can’t really rely on a HTML to PDF generator. This seems to be the best solution I’ve found - other than pulling data in to an Azure database and using SSRS as the report provider. I looks like I just need to expose an API from my Bubble app with data for the report and it will combine it with my ‘template’ and produce a pdf. Seems like a great solution

I’m running into issues with the API since it requires a hashed signature which I can’t provide through Bubble. I’m looking into Blockspring, but I’m kind of out of my depth here.

Any tips or tricks would be welcome, and I’ll let you know how my testing goes.


I was looking at using this also! But I read this is the reviews about the plugin and it put me off.

BlockquoteExpensive Lithuanian company
anyone using the plugin for legal documents beware that the terms state that they reserve the right to pass on your stuff to 3rd parties. You should say to us when service is not from you and more you should relay bad terms to us so you don’t waste peoples time.

Im using Print pro for my Reporting.

Hi Tim

That review is actually for a different service/plugin, not pdfgeneratorapi.com. There is no plugin for it, I’m having to create my own connection for it.

What is Print pro?


I develop my reports in a group and use print Pro to save that group as a PDF via the print chrome browser.

Take a look on the plug-in store for print pro.

I’m not sure it will serve my purpose. I need some pretty Detailed reporting. Does it support headers / footers? Page numbers? Will it only work in Chrome?

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