Batch updates to a database from a repeating group

Hi all, please can someone help me!

I have a simple repeating group, text only, about 20 fields. I want to add a button that takes the data in the group and creates a database record for each row. I need it to be as fast and efficient and as simple as possible. There is no filtering , just a few thousand rows that need to populate an empty database

Please can someone tell me the neatest , simplest way to do it!!

Desperate from London!

There are two way one you can do it directly from database section by useing bulk create if it is one time, other is put the data in repeating group and run an API workflow on them whcih will iterate on it self.

i can help you , without any charge if its confusing you.

Thanks for coming back so quickly! If you could explain how the API workflow should be implemented that would be really great. I can’t seem to get my head around it!!

Thanks again for your kind offer


bubble recursive workflow in YouTube, there are a lot of videos about it

It depend on how your app is, and what data you want to save and how you want to build you data entity in database.

if you can DM me more details, i would love to help.

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Thanks @Baloshi69 , I went down the recursive workflow route and it worked perfectly!!! Thank you all for your help; really appreciated

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