Is it possible to create a list of things from repeating group?


I have two repeating groups. Left is a list of products received via external API(not saved) to Bubble DB. Right is selected items via custom state + QTY input field.
Is there any chance to create a list of things in Bubble DB from the repeating group on the right?

Hi @it127,

Yep! You can use a recursive workflow to do this

Just the first thing that popped up in my head. Depending on the exactly requirements my answer would differ to some you recommend (i.e., bulk data API)

I think this is a good example of a feature that just seems like it would be natively part of the front-end! It comes up frequently enough in the forums, and admittedly all of the ways to achieve currently are more ‘advanced’ (recursive workflow, API workflow, Data API bulk, etc). I wish ‘things’ within a repeating group weren’t so barricaded from outside the RG…I’ve found decent plugins to assist with this (Orchestra, BDK RG, etc) but would love to see this natively in vanilla Bubble. I’ll take a look at the feature suggestions to see if anyone’s got requests in there I can +1!

Update from my Ideaboard findings:

  1. Provide native access to data of each row in repeating groups:
  2. Staging data for data things (specially for repeating groups and listings)

I’ve voted on both of these and would love to see them come to the platform.

@msgiblin Been asking for things like this for a long time. It’s just not seen as a priority. For what it’s worth, upvoted these. However, my hopes are not high.

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“Schedule an API workflow on the RGs list” - Sounds like a plan. Any hints how to set it up?
“Or use the Data API bulk function.” - I don`t think this approach will work with current endpoint setup, it will start to save whole product list from API.

My current vision how this application part should work:

  1. External API call (GET) - provides list of all existing products with total qty.
  2. Selection from RG is like “add to cart/order”
  3. Selection is saved to app DB after clicking SUBMIT button
    4)Button APPROVED executes External API call (POST) - sends saved data from DB to external endpoint and deletes app DB records related to particular cart/order.

Right now i have struggles with step #3, other steps are working.