Bb-code link not working, not sure if it's a bug

I’m not sure if this is a bug, so I’m posting it here first.

A link is made is not showing. I used the rich text editor and double checked the bb code so I’m confident it’s correct.

The link is now showing in the preview.

Here’s the code

Here’s how it looks on preview mode

The editor is here: Saleshuddle | Bubble Editor

Hi @topherwilliams,

You need to UNcheck Recognize links and emails. But more importantly, is there a reason you’re not using an actual Link element? That’s exactly what it’s for.


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Got it. Thank you. Any idea on the logic why UNchecking making it recognize them?

I was using text because I wasn’t aware there was a link element.

Yes, what that setting actually means is, “Recognize raw URLs and email addresses that appear in this text element as hyperlinks.” So for instance, if one simply copied and pasted some text that contained a URL, then that URL would be converted “on the fly” into a hyperlink.

So technically, the label for that setting is incorrect. It’s not recognizing “links” per se; rather, it’s recognizing raw URLs and email addresses and then automatically converting them to [hyper]links. And apparently, with that setting enabled, BBCode is not parsed.


Got it, thank you for clarifying.

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