Recognize links and emails conflict !?

hello Bubblers,

I have a question and a bug ! I use “Recognize links and emails” to detect links in my content. And I also use the " :find & replace" to display the clickable @user using the “Regex pattern” : @(\w+) and “Replace by”: [ url=$1 ][color=#00ffff]@$1[/color][ /url ].

Except I have a problem as the “Recognize links and emails” and activated the [ url=$1 ][color=#00ffff]@$1[/color][ /url ] doesn’t work because it shows the clickable link and not the @user. If I disable the “Recognize links and emails” the @user works but the detection of links in the content does not work anymore.

Do you know a solution ?

Hey there @afouquet31,

Your functionality should work if you don’t check “Recognize Links and Emails” since the BB code you have setup already recognizes it as one. The “Recognize Links and Emails aren’t to be used with BB code per: Visual Elements - Bubble Docs

Okay @johnny !! So how do you go about auto-detecting links in content ?

I believe instead of doing [url=][/url], you can just do

No, the text is provided by an API. I can’t change it that’s why I use “Recognize links and emails” auto-detection.

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