BDK env variables plugin subscription

I just got this error message on my app. Not sure why it is happening as I have bought and paid for the plugin using this app editor.

@gaurav do you have any insight into why this might be happening?

I had same problem, it would come and go away randomly. Showing instances of the plugin element as missing. The team are aware of the bug. When I removed subscription and purchased plugin licence the issue stopped.

I am not sure what the solution is. Are you saying to delete the plugin that I had paid for and then purchase it again. Isn’t the subscription and license the same thing?

Uninstall then pay $16 to have full licence. It should fix it. Subscription and purchase are different for validatons. If full licence there is no need to validate, i think thats where the problem is.

Ok, so I had already paid $16 for the plugin. So you are suggesting I remove it, and pay $16 again?

Oh im not sure then. Try uninstall and reinstall (you wont have to pay twice), refresh editor etc.

I can’t see your error message but the Bubble editor was telling me the other week I couldn’t use a plugin because I hadn’t subscribed to it (which I had). All I did was uninstall and reinstall it. Poof, the issue was fixed. Didn’t have to pay for it again.

Hey @boston85719,
Plugin installs, uninstalls, subscriptions and one-time purchases are all handled by bubble team via their plugin marketplace. The issue you (and others) described appears to be a intermittent bug on bubble’s systems. Please reach out to them at

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