Bought a Bubble Plugin Twice | Need Refund

Hey everyone,

We had bought a plugin named BDK earlier this month but app was still in development & we had not deployed it yet.

However, after deploying the app to a new domain we bought, there was a constant red error showing up on plugin page & workflows were not working.

In frustration, I clicked the red error & bought the plugin again thinking bubble would automatically handle this since bubble would know that we have bought this plugin already.

But to my surprise, money was deducted & plugin was bought again.

Can anyone here tell me why this happened? I have already emailed bubble support but need suggestion by community as well.


This happened to me after I reverted my app to older version and back.

I got a full refund from Bubble, I’d assume you’d receive the same.

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Bubble is very find in refunding… I think wait for bubble support reply