BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy


Incredible stat. Thank you for all you’ve done for the Bubble community!

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Thank you so much for bringing that live for all of us. I assume this change will require a rebuild so I’ll go forward that route.

Your explanation is completely understandable. I will use the support chat on the bdk website from now on.

Also, congrats on being a new father!
My third will arrive in June. Absolutely appropriate of you to reprioritize.

Thank you!

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I’m struggling with the PlayerID on Android. I successfully implemented it on iOS. When I open the page on iOS I get the PlayerID, but when I launch the page within the BDK app on my Android, I do not get a PlayerID.

What an I doing wrong?

Not sure why, but all if a sudden I got a Player ID from my Android version…:man_shrugging:t2:

When do I ask for permission?
If I have a button called “Invite friends” which is supposed to show a RG with a list of names from the users contacts. Do I set the “Ask permission” action on that buttons workflow and have the “Get contacts BN Address” follow that action in the same workflow?

Second question, does Apple and the play store automatically block things that the user didn’t give permission for or is this something I have to implement?

For example, If someone does not give permission for contacts, do I need to add a constraint on the “Get contacts” action or is it filtered out by Apple and the Play Store?

Hi there,
I recently purchased the Mobius Mobile template, and I plan to use BDK Native to wrap my app. I’m just getting things set up, and I can’t get the preview to work.

  • I purchased the BDK Native plugin, and it’s installed
  • I have attempted to set the BN - Remove Loading Screen on page load, but it is asking for an API Key

In addition, I have downloaded TestFlight and the BDK Native App for my phone. I can load the site in the BDK native app, but none of the mobile features work (Popup, Scan Code, etc.). I suspect it’s related to the above issue, but there isn’t clear documentation on how to handle this issue.


Hi Maze,

It’s been a while since you posted this, but i experiencing the same thing. did you find out how to use the mobile (swipe) back option to go one (url) back in history? and not closing the app.

Just double-checking: is this still true? I was hoping to build an app that could work offline / bad connection.

There is an offline detector element that comes with BDK. This allows you to trigger a workflow if the user loses connection. Usually, it’s used to show a popup/page telling the user they are now offline.

You could probably still have some features running offline, as long as all the code/assets you are trying to do are pre-loaded onto the client before they lose connection.

But from my understanding, Bubble doesn’t do offline apps. I’d love to be wrong though because that would open up a treasure trove of possiblities.

Is anyone else seeing these errors from Google Play?

What do we need to do to address this?


Yes. You’ll have to purchase a new build for the API level upgrade, else your app won’t appear in the play store for users with newer phones.

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@gaurav also shared this article with me: I received a message about Google Play's target API level requirements. How does this affect my android app | BDK


Only if you have an API level <31.

If your api lever is 31 or more your app will continue to appear !

Hi @gaurav I’m also having the API level message from Google Play. It looks like BDK uses API level 32 (Android 12) and now is mandatory API level 33 (Android 13) Please confirm what how we should solve this is we are already BDK plugin and build clients.


@Benjamin_Rodgers I spoke with @gaurav about dynamic links being deprecated on August 25, 2025. Gaurav said he’s looking for a replacement service.

There’s a 2 year window until the service is taken down and I’m sure we’ll have some lead time to refactor our apps once BDK implements a new service.


Oh. I just noticed it says 2025, whew! I was under stress about all my promotional material not working. lol. Thanks for pointing that out, and it’s reassuring to hear that there’s time to make adjustments and that BDK is looking for a replacement service.

Yeah you can use “Sudsy Router” Plugin to get this done. But you need to build your entire navigation on top of it:

  • Show elements based on conditionals from sudsy URL parameters.
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Hey there,

To use just the app, I set up the workflow shown in the attached picture. It’s supposed to send users to a landing page if they’re not on the native app. I tried the same workflow for when the condition is true, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas on how to make it work?

I’ve got another question too: Do you know how to change the banner color? I couldn’t find anything in the BDK documentation!

Thank you in advance,

@Dillon_Schade / @maze / @aj11

Wondering if you all know how to address this:

  1. User is directed into content page in app via deep link
  2. This sets the top most page as the content instead of the actual launch page

Is there a way to reset to the normal launch link(to make it the topmost page) without the user having to close and relaunch the app?

I’ve tried a workflow to reset link and reload but having no luck.

My app is mostly a SPA, with some offshoots. Having a content page as the topmost page really throws the experience off.

Thank you for any help or insights you all may be able to offer.

Is anyone here still actively developing an app in production with bdk native?


For those who use one signal.

Have you recently managed to set up: iOS: p8 Token-Based Connection to APNs? (with an application built by bdk?)