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Beginner - where to start learning Bubble if you have zero coding experience?

Where is the best place to start learning Bubble basics for someone with zero coding experience? Asking for a friend. :wink:

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Use Bubbles academy to get you started. Then when you’re feeling froggy, there’s more advanced topics that can be found on YouTube.

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Thanks! Any ones in particular you recommend? I heard that some of them might be dated, recorded when the interface was somewhat different to the current version

Hi there, @smetcalf0701… if I was starting from scratch these days, I would very likely start with resources like these.

Hope this helps.



Also, if you want a good foundation, talking things over with a coach helps jump start your learning.

Check out some bubble coaches:

Welcome to the Bubble Community! :raised_hands: … for your friend. :blush:

Hi @smetcalf0701 - check some videos from this Youtube - - they are easy-to-understand videos I followed when starting to learn Bubble. Good luck. Share your journey with us. Best.

Resources from Bubble:

  1. Bubble Academy
  2. Bubble Manual
  3. Bubble YouTube channel (not sure if all videos from their YT channel are mentioned in Bubble Academy, that’s why I’ve added it in a separate row)

Other resources:

  1. AirDev Bootcamp (free)
  2. Matt Neary “Bubble Crash Course for Beginners (2022)” on YT.
  3. Building With Bubble by Lachlan Kirkwood on YT. Lachlan has a lot of “How-to build a [AirBnB/Trello/TInder/…] with no-code using Bubble” videos.
  4. Bubble. io Tutorial: How to Build an App on Bubble in 2023” by Coaching No Code Apps
  5. Bubble forum :wink:

Also, just make stuff. I made my first app 3 separate times, each time building on the mistakes of the first. Learn by doing!

We have a basic course for those starting out - you can signup here for free No-Code Bootcamps

Thanks Mike! I have skimmed some of their other videos that look quite good. I will check this one out


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Thanks! I have found the YT examples helpful when they go through specific steps and explain them where it gets skimmed over elsewhere