What is best way to learn bubble.io?

Hi i’m very beginner for English and Bubble.io too. Not even beginner just noob. I’m Korean and have a lot of difficulty when get guide video of Bubble.io website. But i want real tutorial for real noob(noob for develop, design everything). Can you recommend me some guide or tutorial. Thanks for read this confused sentences. ^^

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If you have zero clue where to start, start with Buildcamp.

Your next step should be to build something. When you complete it, you’ll have worked out everything you did wrong. Repeat with a new app. Just make it something you’re interested in so you enjoy learning.


Buildcamp is the very best way to start.

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I’m a guy who used to code in assembly and Fortran (yes, I’m that old).

But Bubble was completely alien to me.

I spent maybe a an hour or so checking out all the YouTube videos on Bubble and they were immensely helpful.

It DOES help, though, to have a decent background in db design. The best Bubble developer in the world can’t override the problems inherent in a poorly-designed db structure.


Watch clone tutorials and simply follow them even if you don’t understand. Initially, it’ll help you understand the platform and its different functionalities. And yes build camp is the right place to start with.

Happy learning1