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Best way to learn bubble?

I’m sure this gets asked a LOT here so apologies in advance.

I did a few searches but I still didn’t hit about anything very helpful.

What’s the best way to go about learning bubble? Is there a first small basic app here that everyone recommends here building?

My background - Business guy at my company but with an idea about programming/systems. Have learnt some basic HTML, C++ in the past

Bubble’s tutorial and also, there is a lot of good YouTube channels like this:

Try to create simple things yourself (do, is the best way to learn) and ask here if you have any doubt. The forum’s member are amazing and very helpful.


thanks, will check Buildcamp out!

Welcome to community @n0lan

These two templates are free. It has all the action and examples from almost all the operators, also includes tips, direct access to Bubble’s official videos and references. I recommend you take a look.


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Hey @n0lan :wave:

I always recommend the Bubble interactive lessons with the red arrow to start with. Make sure you go through each lesson a few times if need be. This really helped me in the beginning to get started.

Check it out: Lessons | Bubble

Hope that helps! :blush:


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:wave: Welcome!

I love this question. And it’s a question that is always worth asking.

I started my learning journey with the course from this guy (Brent?). It’s now owned by Zeroqode.

It struck a chord with me because he gave zero theory, zero best practices, zero database set up, design blah, blah. It felt like I was there with him when he sat down to try to reverse engineer AirBnB’s business. All the knowledge I brought was years of mashing business spreadsheets. He spoke to my style of learning.

I remember hitting play on the course in a laying down position and - within 3 minutes - I sat upright, started a coffee brew, and I was able to start transforming an idea into an app.

Yes, the course is old at this point, but I doubt it has become obsolete.

Read the documentation. Seriously. It details every piece of the puzzle.

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Makes two of us :+1:t2:. Brent hit it out of the park!

Also, this YT video channel by NoLogo and this one on SCRUD hit home with me as well.


+1 for reading the documentation & bubble tutorials.

If you can’t wait, then at least skim through these resources. If it doesn’t ‘click’ you are still going to be well-served by getting the exposure to fundamentals.

Learn by building. IMO there is no better way to learn to develop software than to have a real tangible project goal or real-world problem you have to solve to motivate your learning.

Try some different 3rd party tutorials taught in a way that you like. I personally did courses from @copilot through their udemy and paid course materials via their website as a beginner with bubble.


Asked many times. It should be a sticky thread to be honest, not sure why forum admins don’t add a FAQ thread menu for topics like this. A quick search showed many results including:

Bubble themselves are doing a boot camp in a matter of days, and other educators like Build Camp have quality content and boot camps themselves.


Go to Academy | Bubble and click ‘See All’ under Community Resources.
Videos | Bubble

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Keep yourself updated about boot camp organized by bubble. They teach the basics in most of the boot camp. That’s how I got started too. Then feel free to ask people in the forum about anything you don’t understand

It is easy to learn the basics but you won’t get on to advanced topics in this timeline. Try to get an overview of what Bubble .io can do for your business. This might be UI, data and workflows, and then thinking about APIs and connecting your app to different third party services.