Being a entrepreneur: Having a hard time launching and running a company

Hello everyone of Bubble!

I just wanted to take some time to share experience and thoughts about being an entrepreneur and maybe get some tips and start a discussion around it.

I’ve run multiply companies and I’m currently taking a break and working as a consultant for a company. What I’v realized is that I LOVE coming up with new ideas and building them and solving the logical problems that I face doing it and doing the branding. But then I either get tired of what I’ve built or I just don’t have the experience/knowledge of how to launch a product, get customers, sales etc.
To be perfectly honest I HATE sales and everything around getting people to use what I built.

Is anyone else facing this issue and frustrations? Any tips around this? Would be nice to have a discussion on how to deal with these issues :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re describing my natural tendencies exactly. I had no hope or prayer on the customer acquisition piece until I met @andrewgassen. Andrew changed everything for me in understanding the difference between building a product that works and building a product that adds value and how to acquire customers. If you want more deets, PM me.