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Should I leave bubble and come back later? (attempting to build marketplace app) More tutorials?

So Im on the professional plan, had it about a month, still cannot launch my marketplace app, due to me not knowing how to use bubble enough, (mainly the stripe. seller accounts area)

Should I leave bubble and come back in a few months when more tutorials and stuff are up?

Or stay on and try to figure it out?


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There’s many good tutorials available by Bubble independents workers :slight_smile:

  1. New Video Tutorial: Building Responsive Pages (good)

  2. or New Video Course: Build a marketplace app like AirBnb with Bubble (very good)

  3. on Udemy

  4. Udemy Course: Build A Startup with Bubble!

and probably many others.


There should be sufficient information to understand how to build what you’re looking for. Read the reference for any questions you have.

Hey there @Sosuke,

Things can get frustrating when picking up a new platform or skill - not to worry. Community members and support staff are a great resource to start with. If you think you’re up for a video course, why not give Build Your Startup a try? It’s a video course that takes a realistic project-based approach to building startups with Bubble’s platform. If you haven’t had any luck figuring it out on your own, maybe get some help? Give the course a stab and see what you learn. There’s a new app to build pretty frequently and with lifetime updates, you pay just once. Take a look at my post from earlier, see if the course might help you shape up your marketplace app, and go from there. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for.

Post: Udemy Course: Build A Startup with Bubble!

Bubble can take some time to pick up, but once you do, the possibilities are indeed limitless.

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I second this for everyone.

Every time I’ve ran into a hiccup it’s normally just a matter of hours until someone from this community chimes in.

A lot of that time the answer is and was staring me in the face.

So don’t be afraid of just stepping back sometimes. 9 times out of 10 the next time you sit down you’ll just get it.

I’m building somewhat of a Marketplace app with no issues so far.