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Being able to comment and set up a task list

Hi @emmanuel, I had a thought the other day.

This may be a good idea or not but I thought i’d share it with you and the rest of people using bubble.

It would be great it I could create comments on my workflow / or different aspects so that I can go back and look at what I did or which routes i’ve tried and which ones I havent tried. Similar to how people in the coding languages are able to comment on their code and create notes on it so that they can always refer back to it as opposed to having a separate file on the person’s computer which restricts the mobility to that one computer compared to when you can access bubble from all computers.

Another similar idea was to if we could set up task list / to-do lists on our pages. Separate from the error’s list, this list would then allow you to always keep track of where you left off and to know what task you need to complete next in order to achieve the finished product.

Anyone else’s thoughts on this?


Also a calendar to set your own task list schedule and then personal deadlines too would be great.



We already have that :smile: Check out the chapter ‘testing your application’ of the documentation or look for the quote icon in the property editor when editing an element, action, event, etc.

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Aww shucks you guys are too good. my bad.

Thanks then!

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@emmanuel - ah man, I never noticed that! Shuks. That’s pretty neat :smile:

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