Experience enhancements

Hi Bubble folks,

I hope you are doing well. Thanks for the amazing work you have been doing. My apologies in advance, I have no intentions of being a backseat driver. I thought some minor UX enhancements below might be helpful for users of the product.

Please have a look, I am happy to hop on a short call to share my thoughts in details.

Hi @daxiacube,

I’d recommend submitting this to the ideaboard, so the Bubble team can review it


Thanks @johnny

I have done just that.

@daxiacube As for point #2: It’s actually possible to add comments to any element or workflow step - but it’s hidden away behind an icon and it’s not even clear when it’s filled with something or not:

I’d love to see this always visible (at least the 2-3 first lines) like with ordinary code where you’d always have a function comment visible above which invites both reading and writing comments.

Not sure if you have seen the recent update by Bubble where you can click on any element to see if it has a note/comment

I’ve seen that it reveals if there’s a note/workflow associated. It’s not enough to encourage reading/writing notes as most of the time you don’t even “see” that part before moving your eyes to the properties, but at least it’s a bit better. :slight_smile: