Bespoke Quiz Application

I am trying to create a simple web application and wondering if it is possible to do in Bubble:

The web app should:

  • Ask users answer pre defined questions
  • The user will only be able to answer yes,no throughout all the questions
  • In the back end each option yes or no is associated with a pre defined text string. So as the user answers the questions in the back end it should keep track and store those text strings.
  • Once the user comes to the end of the quiz it outputs all the associated text strings in a document for them to view
  • The quiz should also have a pre defined route of questioning depending on the users answer selected

For example:

QUESTION: Did you enjoy your experience? YES = “That is great we hope you come again!” NO = “We are sorry to hear this!”

[The string should be stored and next question should be asked depending on what was selected, this would be pre defined]

Hi @shayz_97 , that’s absolutely possible and even quite easy to do.

Thank you for the response!

That’s great - are you able to suggest any starting point ?

I would start with a database structure. For example, you can create two tables:

  1. Quiz Template - to capture questions, possible answers with corresponding text strings, and also indicator of what is the next step depending on the answer. This table should be pre-filled by administrator.
  2. Quiz Answers - to capture the users’ answers, to be populated line by line as a user progresses through the quiz. The logic needs to be defined in the workflow based on previous answer and Quiz Template table.

Hope this helps you to get started.

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Great thank you for this starting point!

I hope to create this application without the necessity a user signing up. Is that possible?

I.e. they literally click start - carry out the quiz - and then able to view the associated text string.