Best approach for demo videos?

Hello – does anyone have recommendations on best tools/approaches for recording website demo and instructional videos and then embedding them into a Bubble website?

The videos will be a mix of screen recordings and some still images. I’d want to put them in a few places in my website – demos for prospective users, and instructions for paid users.

I’m aware of a few ways to approach this, but was hoping someone who has already gone down this path could share recommendations.

Loom is great to screenshare + record your face.

Gifox is great for high-quality gifs.

Thank you! To embed a Loom video within Bubble, do you upload it to Vimeo or Youtube and then use Bubble’s video element, or do you use some sort of embed code from Loom and then Loom hosts it?

Use the html element with iframe code using the Loom url

Search the web for a an iframe code generator :+1:t2:

Here is one:

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Thank you – I will check it out. I have this general sense that it’s best to avoid iFrames, but if it’s the only way, then it’s the only way…