Best DB Structure For Checklists?

Hi, I have an idea or 2 of how to accomplish this, but I’m hoping someone could either shed some light on what would be the most performant way to structure this in my DB. I’m not worried about the overall DB, I’m including that info more for reference, but I’m wondering how to best structure the Checklists.

I have a data type of ‘Funnels’. There will be multiple different types of Funnels that each have anywhere from 3 to 15 ‘steps’. Each step will have its own checklist of 3-15 items. Therefore each Funnel will have multiple checklists.

Users will have the ability to create multiple version of the same funnel type, therefore having multiple versions of the same checklist. Users will not be able to add/remove the checklist items, except of course for checking them off.

Each checklist will have at least a few items that are the same as others, but will also have items unique to that step.

My thoughts are to create a Data Type for each type of checklist I need, give each an ID that will correspond it to the ID of the Funnel they have created. When Users create a new version of a specific Funnel, the workflow creates new things (a funnel and the required checklists for that funnel). Only this would create a ton of Data Types, but its my understanding that this is a better way to structure it rather than having 1 or 2 data types with lots of fields.

Another problem I’m facing is deciding how/where to store the questions. Is there a better way to do this?

I typically keep things as dynamic as possible but if it’s recommended I’m not opposed to having 1 page for each type of funnel, and each step is a group that I toggle 1 at a time, then having the checklist items listed in standard text for each step instead of a repeating group, therefore the checklist items only need to hold 1 value (yes/no) as opposed to holding the checklist items text as well.

Any thoughts?

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